Welcome to the World Of Faces Entertainment & Promotions. We are a one stop entertainment establishment that provides entertainers, dancers, promoters, models etc.  Our core business is ESCORTS for clients who would love to have a nice pretty Singaporean Escort for companionship, be it for lunches, dinners, outings etc and even for discreet companionship.

The ladies that we hire are strictly Singaporean and PRs who are highly educated individuals with their own day time jobs. English speaking is a must criteria for those keen in joining our agency. They are all above average looking from the age of 18 years and above. The pricing for basic escorting range from $600 for three hours minimum and for discreet companionship the price starts from $500/hr and up to $3000/hr depending on the lady of your liking.

Any interest in our services, can be communicated through our email or by SMS. Do go through our booking procedures so as to have a better understanding of our policies. Rest be assured we only provide our clients with ladies that you see on our website who are Singaporeans. Should you doubt their nationality, you can request for them to produce their identity card as verification but of course they will show you from a distance and not to be handed to you as their information is strictly confidential. Likewise only our regulars will have access to our VIP Room where we will give you a one time user name and password without any fee.

Should you require our models or promoters for exhibitions, product launches or even to act at party girls, please click here for a quotation.

Emails and SMSs will be sent out monthly or even weekly to clients who would like to be on our mailing list. We will not send pictures to any clients at all cost through the emails or through MMS as we have a strict policy of protecting our girls.

We also have a policy of protecting our clients identities and if needed we can also compromise on situations like booking of rooms etc for clients. Please note that the room charges if booked by us is a separate charge on top of the booking fee and must be either a 3 Star to 5 Star hotel only.

For corporate clients who may require a receipt for services, we will provide you with one if needed under the term Business Dining.

Do go through our website and enjoy our selection of Beautiful Girls that we have and please take your time in browsing our website. We only believe in one thing. Good Service With A Smile and only SINGAPOREANS.